Focus on browsing the web not the browser.

UnTab is a browser extension that lets your search through tabs, history, actions and makes you look like a hero!

Search and Switch iconSearch & Switch

Tabs, History & Bookmarks.

Searching through a huge list of tabs is a pain. With UnTab every tab, history and bookmark is just a few keystrokes away.

Plugins iconPlugins

It's more than search.

Plugins extend the functionality of UnTab by making common actions accessible on every page. Want to do a quick search? math? close the tab? there's a plugin for it.

Themes iconThemes

Beautiful themes.

UnTab comes with a bunch of themes to match your preferences and moods. Thanks to the open community of UnTab, themes can be contributed by anyone.

Get UnTab for your browser

If you are using a Chromium based browser, you may try installing the Chrome version of UnTab.

Psst! It's totally Free!